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There are many thoughts on how to help ease back pain and there is no end to the advice. Peter Horsfield, the Muscle Man, has treated thousands of people over the years who were still suffering after trying traditional methods of treating pain.
Peter’s methods are based on the belief that the cause of pain stems from the misalignment of muscles, tendons and ligaments. In other words it’s the muscles out of place and pinching nerves that can cause the pain.
With his unique method of muscle manipulation Peter can release pinched nerves all over the body and it just takes one treatment.
Dennis Lillee said “I feel 20 years younger”  SO WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOSE?  CALL TODAY!
What’s the Muscle Mans secret? There is no secret. An address from Peter Horsfield regarding back pain and his method of treatment.
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Peter declares his methods, his theory, his principals and treatment aims. Muscles misalign and pinch nerves all over the body…….
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Peter has treated thousands of people over the years. Many have written him letters of thanks. Visit the testimonials page to view.
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